• Gene Carroll

  • Co-Founder & President of AJAP
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Gene is an American-Israeli aerospace professional, who has been working for key IT companis in Israel, US and UK for over 10 years. Avid aviator and an ex Israeli Air Force F-16 WSO, Gene is a person with high integrity and moral standards, who became a key managing memeber of AJAP to ensure that his dream of equality in the work place for all Jewish professioanls is observed and invigilated by AJAP in the United States and internationally.

As a Jewish aerospace professional who worked for various companies and travelled around the World, I realized how isolated Jews sometimes feel in this industry: there is often no support network to turn to, especially when faced with anti-seimitic discrimination. My vision for AJAP is to ensure that such network is always in place.

Press: If you need to contact Gene, please email us to set up meeting.

  • Russell Sherwood

  • Co-Founder & Treasurer
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Managing Director

Russell is a current regional airline captain, ex IAF F-16 WSO, who worked in various flight crew member capacities around the world, including Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia and UK. Flying since 1996, Russell has experienced the good and the bad that many Jewish aviation professionals faced in the industry.

I am an avid supporter of philanthropic causes in aviation, knowing from my own experience, how difficult it was to study, work and save money for flight training and pilot career development. The costs associated with flight training could be as high as a quarter million dollars. I know that there are thousands of brilliant kids out there, who want to become pilots more then anything in the World, but simply can not afford it. I truly hope that AJAP will be able to help these kids achieve their dreams.

Russell is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, as well as well versed in Mandarin and Bahasa. He voluteers his time consulting youth interested in aviation careers via Facebook Group "Aerocadet", which has over 30,000 members and growing.

  • Jessica Cruit

  • Managing Member
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Managing Member

Jessica is a PHD candidate in Human Factors in Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, located in Daytona Beach, FL.

An academian, who has been working and studying in one of the largest aviation universities in the World, Jessica is Jewish American aerospace professional with passion for academic research, psycology and human factors.

BWorking in academic for a quite a few years, I faced a multitude of attitudes towards Jewish professioanals, from very warm to quite negative. My vision for AJAP is fostering workplace environment in aerospace and academia, where Jewsih professionals are treated without prejudice.

To connect with Jessica, please email us or use Linked in link provided below.