Why Become an AJAP Member?

With a taget of achieving over 25,000 members on the roster, one of the most important benefits of joining AJAP is the camraderie our members enjoy from belonging to an organization of Jewish professionals in a particular field. Whether that camraderie is continuely fostered by attending one of the many events, communicating online via the website, or reading the latest news, it's the fellowship of our members that strikes a consistent, rewarding chord.

Legal Access

AJAP strives to build a robust network of legal professionals who volunteer their time and effort, providing legal advise and action in response to discrimination and anti-semitism complaints from our members and any Jewish professionals who feel that they are being treated unfairly due to their Jewish background.

Israeli Connection

For our Jewish members, or those who identify as Jewish, AJAP has set up a strong support network of individuals and professional services that can help with either partial or full relocation to Israel, including Financial Aid, employment placement assistance, relocation assistance and cultural intergration assitance.


AJAP strives to host numerous events of different nature throughout the year: from professionals conferences to employment fairs. Members are encouranged to participate and lead. The event speakers and volunters receive special recoginiton awards which, in turn, could serve as important proof of one's involvement in community service and charitable work.

Employment Fairs

One of the most important events is AJAP job fairs. The job fairs are normally hosted by AJAP at hotels and conference halls, and include a wide variety of aviation and aerospace employers who are looking to enforce company's equal opportunity employment strategies and divercify workforce. Such companies include major and regional airlines, avionics manufacturers, air frame and powerplant manufacturers, federal aviation administration, US government agencies, armed forces and many more.

The membership for the year of 2016 is FREE and open to anyone who desires to join. This free membership is open to all who supports Jewish cause, regardless of their color, religion or enthic background: